2023 Closer

2023 Closer – CFL Wins the Doug Baxter’s Whisky Water Jug Trophy

September 16 was gorgeous – an incredible sunny and warm mid September day. Unfortunately the wind did not get the memo and really did not show up (at least until after lunch at Moby’s was over). The Doug Baxter Closer was a drifter with just enough wind to get one race off. The CFL managed to get ahead of Tim Slaney and mostly stay there finishing first, with Tim second, and the Ornery Measurer getting a podium finish by nature of his “intending to be there”. In the Lightnings (just show up) category, Robert Shoore’s Pele, a recent acquisition for the grand price of $Free, sailed around a sort of course missing the ferry and coming in first.

Sail No. Division 15.3 Adjust R1 Raw Adjusted
1 Ballantyne SPOG1 OOG -1 1 1 0
1 Slaney 9P ROOG -2 2 2 0
3 MacKenzie OM SOOG


i 0 #VALUE!
Number of Races = 1
1 Shoore Pele 1 1