2021 Closer

Doug Baxter Memorial Closer 2021

Date: Saturday, October 3 (possibly 11th), 2021

Course: A number of short, snappy races around various buoys with appropriate opportunities to warm up (and drink beer) between races.

Other Stuff: Given a past debacle where we raced on Saturday in the pouring rain and  looked longingly at a beautiful sunny Sunday the next day – the racing on Saturday may be postponed to Sunday if weather promises to be better.

Scoring is a regatta series.

NOTE: The start time for the first race will be Noon-ish after the ferry leaves.

Social: Because of ongoing covid, there will not be the usual shenanigans. But if it is allowed, there might be pot luck dinner on Saturday night at RVYC Pavilion.

NOTE: This is the last chance to accumulate points toward season championship. After the Long Harbour Classic, Steve White leads the race with 12 points, followed by Don Martin with 8 and Chris Sanderson with 6.

Don Martin Wins 2019 Doug Baxter Closer

Saturday dawned with rain and calm – everyone’s favourite. However by the time the ferry left and we were able to start the first race, the sky had lifted and there was a light puffy, patchy northerly breeze in Long Harbour.  RO Russell Poulston started us off with two short races to U55 (green can) followed by a longer one around U55 and U50 (green can, red can).

The racing was tight and leads changed more than once in all races.  In the end the Laser rough scores were all within two points.  On the basis of being on the long side of a milestone birthday, Don Martin is the 2019 winner of Doug’ Whiskey Water Jug  the followed by Chris Sanderson and Brian Woodward.  In the Lightning fleet, Revenuer showed great consistency winning with straight bullets.

Class Name Sail       R1   R2  R3   Raw     Allowance    Total   Final

Laser Don 8                 3    5      1      9                -6                3          1

Laser Chris 808          2    1      5      8                -3                5         2

Laser Brian 456           1    4     3      8                -3                5         3

Laser Tim 9P               5    3     2      10               -3                7        4

Laser Steve 8216         4    2     4     10               -3                7         5

Laser Russell                 6     6    6     18               -6              12        6

Lighting May Revenuer  1    1    1       3                 1               4         1