2021 Closer

Don Martin Wins 2021 Doug Baxter Closer

It was a little blustery and there seemed to be more volunteers for Race Committee than sailors. But 6 hearty souls took to the water including Jeremy Baxter representing (and sailing better than) his dad.

In between ferry sailings and before a general feeling of soreness from too much hiking consumed the fleet, there were 3 races. Don Martin was the class of the fleet, as well as the oldest, and won all 3 races. I seem to have lost the results sheet, but the other podium positions were shared by Steve White, Jeremy Baxter, Matt Saunders (both of whom suffer from the burdensome Old Guy in Training handicap) and Chris Sanderson.

Special thanks to Russell Poulston and Tim Slaney for being Race Committee and Keith Oliver for providing moral support. But one has to wonder why there were not sailing?