Moby’s Marathon

Moby’s Marathon is the SPOG Long Distance Championship. Competition is for Mother’s Flower Bowl (my Mom really did keep flowers in it).

Course: This is a 2 leg race with each leg counting separately. Leg 1 starts at the usual spot at A-Dock, usually has a long run into Ganges Harbour and finishes somewhere just shy of the Saltspring Marina docks in front of Moby’s Pub. Look for a committee boat and some sort of mark that the Race Committee may or may not point out to you. Leg 2 starts close the Leg 1 finish and usually has a long upwind slog followed by a short run to the end at A-Dock. Each leg is about 3 miles.

Other Stuff: Each competitor will have a scoring adjustment of -1 point per Guinness consumed at Moby’s. There will be beers on Friday afternoon.