Moby’s Marathon

Moby’s Marathon 2019

Date: Saturday, July 13, 2019. Start time will be adjusted so we arrive at Moby’s somewhere around 1:15.

Course: This is a 2 leg race with each leg counting separately. Leg 1 starts at the usual spot at A-Dock and finishes somewhere just shy of the Saltspring Marina docks in front of Moby’s Pub. Look for a committee boat and some sort of mark that the Race Committee may or may not point out to you. Leg 2 starts close the Leg 1 finish and ends at A-Dock. Each leg is about 3 miles.

Other Stuff: Each competitor will have a scoring adjustment of -1 point per Guinness consumed at Moby’s. By convention, Race Committee has reluctantly agreed that beer other than Guinness can count. Under no conditions will other drinks like wine (especially white wine spritzers) or chichi cocktails containing fruit be allowed to count.

There will be beers on Friday afternoon. There will be casual dinner for the survivors at the Commodore’s House on Saturday night starting at 6 pm. Kim’s Fabulous Catering will provide the dinner for a small charge. BYOB.