2023 Round the Isles

Hart Buck Wins the 2023 Opener 

The 2023 Round the Isles Opener was held on June 17, 2023. It was an early start to summer with the heat wave starting at beginning of May. You would have thought that after 6 weeks the water would have heated up. But alas!

One thing the hot weather has been good for is generating lots of thermal wind. And that is what we got at the Opener. Hiking and gear failures were the order of the day – a little much for old guys trying to bend their bodies into small cockpits after a winter of ease.

6, seven if you include Marc OwenFlood who wanted to sail but couldn’t find all the miscellaneous bits after a few years of idleness. Hart Buck was the lone ringer from Vancouver, and despite sailing back and forth across the course ripping up spray on a beam reach, sailed well enough when it counted to stay ahead of the others and win the Opener. Steve White had a gear failure at the start, recovered, and still managed to get a 3 a tbird place in race 1. But Hart’s bullet in the double points race was enough for a trophy finish.

And the less said about Alan Sturgess’ adventures, the better.


Buck OOG 1 3 -1 3
White OOG 3 1 -1 5
Slaney ROOG 4 5 -2 9
Baxter OGIT 2 2 3 12
Ballantyne OOG 5 4 -1 12
Sturgess NDOG 6 DNF -3 13
OwenFlood OOG DNS DNS -1 19