2023 Lightning Invitational (Pacific Coast Championships)

The 2023 Scott Point Lightning Invitational is also the Pacific Coast Lightning Championships. It is scheduled for June 24-25, 2023




2023 Notice of Race

2023 Supplementary Sailing Instruction

  1. All races will be windward leeward courses using marks laid near the mouth of Long Harbour and the south east tip of Clamshell Island.

The start/finish line will be between the start flag at the seaward end of A Dock and a laid mark seaward of the end of A Dock.

2. Race start times will be set to avoid the following ferry arrival and departure times.

Saturday 11:20 arrival, 11:40 departure, 2:15 arrival, 3:30 departure.

Sunday 3:30 departure, 5:15 arrival.

3.  There will be a money collection tin on the BBQ dock table. A donation of $5 per person is requested to offset the cost of food.

4. This instruction, along with the Notice of Race will be posted on the notice board at the head of A Dock.

5. The Pacific Coast Championship trophy will be presented immediately after the finish of the last race at the BBQ dock.

Marks of the Course