Sailing Instructions

Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

revised May, 2018


1          FUN

1.1 SPOG is all about having fun in small old boats. Serious racers need not apply.

1.2 There will be time for beer. Friday afternoon before the event, usually Friday night dinner, of course between races, and after event social.

1.3 If the weather looks like sailing might not be fun, racing may be postponed until its gets warmer, drier, sunnier, whatever.


2.1 SPOG is a Clean Regatta Event and supports the initiatives for Sailors for the Sea. We strive to be as environmentally sensitive as possible, starting with saving old lasers from the scrap heap. For more information

2.2 In accordance with our commitment to sustainability all boats are required to be of the old, recycled variety and are prohibited from having bottom anti-fouling paint, flushing their head or dumping holding tanks, using any non-solar powered engines, failure to recycle or compost all trash generated while racing, and ……….

2.3 In all seriousness, SPOG requests that all competitors use the recycling facilities and use only eco-friendly cleaning products. Competitors are asked to refrain from using single-use plastic water bottles, sanding boats near the water, or dropping anything into the water

3          RULES

3.1 The regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing, more or less.

3.2 Competitors must wear personal flotation devices at all times on the water. Wet suits, dry suits, and empty beer cans in the pocket do not qualify as personal flotation devices.

4          ADVERTISING

Boats may display any advertising or signs they chose.


5.1 The regatta is open to Lasers. Boats of any other class may compete and might be scored, but may not be eligible for prizes (if we have any). Bragging rights are open to all competitors.

5.2 All boats (Lasers, Radials, old Livingstone dinghies, perhaps the odd Lightning, etc.) will compete in one division. Okay, maybe Lightnings can sail in their own division if more than 1 shows up.

5.3 Eligible boats may enter by showing up at Scott Point Outstation some time before the starting time and informing the Race Committee. But please let the Commodore know ahead of time if you are coming to dinner.

5.4 This is an Old Guys (and Gals) event – competitors must be over 50 to be eligible to win the fabulous trophy. But competitors of all ages are welcome to try their skill against the old guys and gals.


6.1 Each boat shall generally look like a Laser. Lightnings should look like a boat with dagger board and stayed mast.

6.2 Class rules will followed in a general way, but extreme cheating will result in penalties, or admiration, at the discretion of the Ornery Measurer.

6.3 Competitors with newish Lasers will be scorned. Flash, newish lasers may be subject to 2 blows with a sledge hammer at the discretion of the Ornery Measurer. Nothing malicious, but you might want to think about bringing a new boat. There are no newish Lightnings.

7          FEES

5.1 No fees are required, but you may be required to pay for any T-shirts given out or beer supplied by the Race Committee. Event dinners such as the Commodore’s Dinner will have a charge for food (but bring your own booze) or BYOStuff.

6          SCHEDULE

6.1 See the specifics for each event. The first warning signal for all events will be usually be somewhere between 11:00 and 12:00 -ish.

6.2 The number of races each day will take into account wind conditions, temperature, precipitation, ferry schedule, and general tiredness of competitors. Competitions that extent to Sunday will end by 2:30 on Sunday so people can catch the ferry back to the city (but locals wonder why they would want to).


The Sailing Instructions are included in this generic Notice of Race and include the Event stuff you should know which has information on dates and event schedule. The stuff to know may also contain information on marks to be rounded and courses to be sailed. But be ready for last minutes adjustments to accommodate weather, time for beer to get cold, and the whim of the Commodore.


Any notices to competitors or changes to the sailing instructions will be discussed with competitors before the start, possibly by shouting across the water.


9.1        Signals will be displayed on the flagpole at the end of A Dock. Ashore and the Committee Boat are one and the same.

9.2        When flag AP is displayed, it shall stay up for a few minutes to allow time for a bathroom break or to hunt out cool beer.

10         THE START and FINISH

10.1 Races will be started by using rule 26 with the warning signal made 5 minutes before the starting signal. The warning signal will be a Laser class flag.

10.2 The Race Committee may substitute whistle signals instead of flags – but beware- a starting whistle may not be blown until the Commodore is in position A on the start line.

10.3 The starting and finishing line will be between a Race Committee flag at the end of A-Dock and an Orange (or something similar) buoy. The buoy may be substituted with a crab trap float.

11         COURSE

11.1 The race will be conducted in the area of Long Harbour and Nose Point, or maybe beyond out to Captain Passage or Ganges Harbour.

11.2 The marks of the course will consist of a number of buoys, crab traps, aids to navigation, and islands and shall usually be left to port when rounding. The marks and order in which they are to be rounded will be yelled out prior to the start. Pay attention! Or simply follow Hart to the mark if you think he was paying attention.

11.3 Each event will have its own peculiarities, which is spelled out on the dropdown menu.

11.4 There may, or may not, be a pause for beer between races.

11.5 A decision to postpone racing due to more wind (or more rain) than Old Guys can handle will be made by Race Committee (whoever that is) or by majority vote of all Even Older Old Guys competing (regular Old Guys are too reckless, Really Old Old Guys are too cautious).


Any vessel not racing shall be treated as an obstruction. Competitors are warned to beware  that some course have obstacles and shallows that may require intricate navigation.

13         B.C. FERRIES

13.1 Race Committee will try to schedule races so that we avoid being on the water at the same time as a ferry. If a ferry appears after the start of a race, it may be abandoned.

13.2 All competitors shall stay well away from ferries with a minimum separation of 300 ft. in all directions. The required distance shall be an obstruction. Beware that ferry captains like to blow 5 whistles if they so much as see a Laser in Long Harbour. Seaplane pilots may simply just chop you in half.

13.3 Any vessel interfering in any way with a ferry (or float plane) shall be disqualified and may be referred to the Race Committee for further discipline.


14.1 Rule 44.1 is changed so that the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One-Turn Penalty.. It is not much a penalty please take your medicine. A heart-felt apology and a promise to stand for drinks may be substituted for the one-turn with agreement of offendee.

14.3 Decisions of the Race Committee will be final.

15         SCORING

15.1 Scoring will be per Rule 90.3. There will be no throw-outs – the Old Guys are tough characters.

15.2 Each event has unique scoring to purposely make it difficult to understand. Please look at the stuff to know for each event.

15.3 Scores will be based on finishing position in each race and adjusted using the Old Guys Handicap System for each race. Old Guys (age 50-59) will have no adjustment; Older Old Guys (60- 69) will have -1 point adjustment; Really Old Old Guys (70-74) will have -2 point adjustment. Nearly Dead Old Guys (over 75) will have a -3 point adjustment. Old Guys in Training (less than 50) will have +3 points adjustment. Former Olympians must apply to the Ornery Measurer for a custom adjustment.

15.4 For Moby’s Marathon, there will be -1 point adjust for each Guinness consumed at lunch.


16.1 Protests and requests for redress shall be filed verbally with the Sailing Committee within minutes after the last boat has finished the last race of the day. All protests or requests for redress must be accompanied by a suitable beverage for the Race Committee.

16.2 Parties to a protest or request for redress will be informed verbally by the Race Committee. Hearings will be held on the dock or at the after-race social. All competitors are welcome to attend and heckle and jeer. All decisions will be by majority vote by way of show of hands.


17.1 Safety of competitors is paramount. All competitors shall watch out for, and render assistance as necessary, to any other competitor.

17.2 Competitors must not pass a capsized vessel without asking whether assistance is necessary. Redress will be given for any boat that renders assistance.

17.3 Stay out of the way of power boaters – they likely do not know what they are doing. This includes the Salish Eagle or whatever stupid name the new ferry has.

17.4 A rescue boat will usually accompany the race and will be available for emergencies and for rescuing competitors being flushed down the harbour on the tide.

18         PRIZES

Competition is for the permanent trophies on display above the pavilion fireplace. In keeping with sustainability, all trophies have been salvaged from the scrap heap.

The Ballantyne on the Rocks Trophy was a gag concocted by Ian Ross to commerate the Commodore’s father’s adventure gaining local knowledge of False Narrows. Mother’s Flower Bowl is exactly that. The Mrs. Kerr Trophy for Best Canadian Bred Boston we think was for the best hog in some long forgotten agricultural fair. Doug’s Whisky Jug was a jug Doug stole from a hotel somewhere and used to hold the branch water for his whisky. The Lantern was found rusting in the woods.


Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The Race Committee will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.


For further information please contact the Commodore for Life at