Long Harbour Classic

Long Harbour Classic 2020

Date: Aug 29-30, 2020

Course: a 2 day regatta around various buoys (government and otherwise, crab traps or whatever). We will try to get as many races as people can survive, but there will be beer breaks.

Other Stuff: Full regatta scoring per RRS Appendix A. No throw outs.

Social: Friday- There will be beers on the dock on Friday afternoon, and likely we will take over the BBQ dock for a do your own dinner. Saturday-Racing starts 11-ish. There will be plenty of breaks for repairs and beer. The Commodore’s Dinner will be held at Commodore’s House on Saturday starting at 6:00. There will be a charge for dinner by Kim’s Fabulous Catering. Sunday-Racing will again start 11-ish, but there will be fewer races as some might want to catch the 2:45 ferry home.

We will try to plan racing time to avoid scheduled BC Ferry Arrivals (Sat 10:10a, 1:35p; Sun 11:55a, 1:26p) and Departures (Sat 10:25a, 3:15p; Sun 12:15a, 2:45p). Note that the ferry arrivals are often late.

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