Jul 6, 2017 – Moby’s Marathon: Don Martin leads the Lasers. Bill Cote takes the Lightning Division.

The annual long distance race to the Pub and back sailed on Saturday, July 15.

In the Laser fleet, Don Martin took a successful flyer on the second leg to overcome a 6th place in the first leg and went on to win Mothers’s Flower Bowl. Bill Cote on Revenuer took advantage of a zephyr at the finish of race 1 and split the two legs with John Walker’s Caprice – but Bill used the extra beer rule to his advantage and claimed the Lantern Trophy.


Jun 17, 2017

   Tim Slaney Wins the Round the Isles Opener

The opening event of the 2017 season sailed on Saturday, June 17, 2017. In a stronger than expected southeasterly, the shortened fleet survived with a minimum of capsizes and a maximum of sore backs from hiking. That is, except for the the Lightning Division who seemed to cruise around Long Harbour unaffected by the need to hike.

With a 1st in the 1.5 hour Race 1 (with double points), Tim Slaney outpointed the competition to win the event and the Ballantyne on the Rocks Perpetual Trophy. Bill Cote’s Revenuer (why don’t the lasers have names?) won the tightly contested Lighting Division and is the inaugral winner of the Lantern Trophy.


Jun 2, 2017 – Check out the Ganges View from Moby’s


courtesy of Moby’s Pub and Salt Spring Exchange

May 21, 2017 – SPOG Features in Round Saltspring Race

The local big sailing event of the year, the Round Saltspring Race, was run in light and capricious winds over the Victoria Day weekend. SPOG was well represented with 4 boats skippers by SPOGgers (Buck’aneer, Revenuer, Strait Marine and Surfrider) and other SPOGgers were noticed among the crews.

The only one to actually survive the calms and currents was Jim Allan’s Strait Marine which was second boat to finish, and placed second Overall. On the strength of Jim’s finish, SPOG was runner-up for the UK Sails Challenge Team event.

Bill Cote on Revenuer won the Environmental Awareness award in recognition of the smallest carbon footprint and the fact that the Lightning was rescued from a trip to the dumpster and put back into service.

April 18, 2017 – Spring is Sprung, I Wonder Where Dem SPOGgers is?

 Spotted in Long Harbour on Easter Weekend. Does the early bird get the worm?

April 5, 2017 – SPOG is Going Green!

The Commodore is sorry for the bad press associated with his working life in the pipeline business. To make amends, he has committed SPOG  to a Clean Regatta and certification by Sailors for the Sea.

Initiatives for 2017 races will include: 1-No Plastic Water bottles -a drinking water station will be provided; 2-Encourage maximum recycling of empty beer cans; 3-All lasers will be required to use the new Scott Point pump-out; 4-SPOG to work on fish habitat enhancement efforts at Scott Point; 5-Use eco-certified cleaners for lasers – actually you cannot wash them anyway; 6-Make bilge absorbents available for all boats at Scott Point; 7-Reducing paper – all notices and results to be circulated by email only.

We can all do our part.

March 31, 2017 – SPOG Goes Travelling??

There are rumours that the Commodore and Greg Slakov are going to try their skills at the Spring Dinghies in Victoria on May 6, 7.

And the Calgary contingent are making plans to go the Masters Worlds in Split, Croatia from Sep 21 to 30. Applications for entry will open Tuesday, 4 April 2017 and the deadline for  paid applications is 16 May 2017  More info HERE. If you are really interested contact Steve Reichenfeld at stephenreichatoutlook.com for insights

Mar 12, 2017 – Long Harbour Classic – Change of Date

The Commodore is going in search of his ancestors that owned a whiskey distillery. We are off to Scotland in late August. So please note that the Long Harbour Classic has been moved up 1 week to August 19-20.

Jan 19, 2017 – New Website Address

Change your Favourites. SPOG is now at www.spogsailing.com.

Bear with me while I migrate stuff onto this site. Any comments on making it easier to navigate are welcome.

Dec 23, 2016 – Dates for 2017 SPOG season Announced

The 2017 SPOG Season will kick off with the Round the Isles Opener on June 17. Moby’s Marathon will go July 15, the Long Harbour Classic on August 19-20 (note that this is 1 week earlier than normal), and the Doug Baxter Closer on October 7.

For more adventurous SPOGgers, other local-isa events are Kitten Cup on April 22-23 at RVYC, the Jericho Classic at Jericho Sailing Centre is June 3, WAVES at RVYC on July 1-2 and Fall Dinghy Champs at RVicYC on Sep 23-24. For the super-keen – the Canadian Masters Championships are at Wabamun, AB on July 7-9, and Laser Masters Worlds are in Split, Croatia on September 21-30 (that sounds like a fun place to race).

Oct 11/16 – 2016 Season Champion – Brian Woodward

Brian Woodward sailed well in the last event to win the Season Championship based on a 4-race High Point system. Brian sailed all 4 events, winning the Opener and strong showings in the Classic and Closer for a total of 50 points.

Steve White also sailed all 4 races and finished second, 3 points behind. Rounding out the top 5 were Don Martin who only sailed 3 events and finished with 35 points, Tim Slaney with 32 points and Allan Strain with 30 points on only 2 races.