Jul 13, 2019 – Greg Slakov Wins Moby’s Marathon for Lasers. Bill Cote Takes the Lightning Class. Bob DeRoos first in the Herring Buss Class.

Sailing to pub for a Guinness, then sailing back home. Add enough wind to make it interesting and plenty of sunshine, and you have the perfect day.

Results Here

Jul 12, 2019 – Moby’s Marathon – Orders of the Day

  • Start Time around 12:00 (so we arrive at Moby’s a little after 1 pm)
  • Starts MAY be by Whistle Signals (no flags)
    • If by Whistle – signal at 5 minutes, 4 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds, 10,9,8,7, etc.
  • Finish for Leg 1 and Start for Leg 2 will be between a set of used docks under construction and a White/Orange mooring buoy 100 yds in front of Moby’s.
  • There is no Marina at Moby’s this year.
    • Lasers will use the beach in front of Moby’s
    • Lightnings will use Ganges Marina and shuttle over
    • There are 4 Dollies to assist getting boats up the beach.
  • Sailing Instruction 15.4 will apply. ONLY Guinness is applicable.
  • Wood fired pizza and stuff at Ballantynes tonight – $20 per head. Cocktails at 5:30. BYOB

Jun 16,2019 – Round the Isles Opener – Don Martin Leads the Lasers Start to Finish. Martin Herbert’s Kay D Tops the Lightning Fleet

The opening event of the 2019 season sailed on Saturday, June 15. The fleet of 10 lasers and 4 Lightnings (one possibly not a Lightning) had a glorious day of racing in pure sunshine and perfect SE thermal wind. Results and Story Here.

Next up is Moby’s Marathon on July 13. The marina at Moby’s has mysteriously disappeared, so stay tuned for course revisions.

May 20, 2019 – 25 Days to First SPOG

The Round the Isles Race goes on June 15. Bill Cote has already had his Lightning out in a local SSI round the cans race and Greg Slakov came third in his division in Round Saltspring Race (we won’t talk about the others). Now the rest of the SPOGgers need to get tuned up. Please check out these links sent by our friends at Calgary Yacht Club. Laser Sailing: Sailing Backwards on the Start Line” … https://youtu.be/Lzl_ZS6blgk  and a link to all the ISA Tips and Tricks videos, https://internationalsailingacademy.com/category/tips-tricks/  You could spend all day!

Apr 24, 2019 – Scott Point Invitational

A new event for 2019 focussed on Lightnings, but Lasers are welcome as well. The Invitational will be held on August long weekend – Aug 3-4, 2019. Sailing Instructions HERE.

Feb 13, 2019 – 2019 Racing Calendar

Here is the calendar of events for 2019. Mark your Calendar now so you don’t miss an event.

Round the Isles Opener – June 15

Moby’s Marathon – July 13

Long Harbour Classic – August 24-25

Doug Baxter Closer – October 12

There is a new event for 2019 – actually approved by the RVYC mucky-mucks to include Lightnings from other fleets. Weather Forecast – Lightning! (I like this name, but Bill suggests Scott Point Invitational) will be held on the August long weekend Aug 3-4. Lasers will be welcome too.

And the Locals Championship – but the locals are keeping the date secret

Nov 2, 2018 – Passing of Andy Hunt


He was not a SPOGger and many might not know Andy Hunt; but he was the backbone of Laser Fleet 6 – BC and PNW. He not only loved sailing, but he worked tirelessly at all kinds of dinghy regattas including all (and I mean all) of the laser events held at Jericho Sailing and at Kits Yacht Club. As our District rep he was thorough in providing press coverage of local events (kids and masters) for the North American publication. Andy was also a very supporter of Disabled Sailing in Vancouver.

Andy recently passed away yesterday after a short battle with cancer. He will be missed on the race course and committee boat, and his absence will leave a big hole in local sailing.

Oct 6, 2018 – Woodward in a Three-Peat

Participation is part of the key to winning the Season Championship. Participation with great sailing is a guarantee to win. Brian Woodward started the day with a 1 point advantage over Allan Strain going into the final event. Brian’s win extended his lead to 2 points and he becomes the 1st 2-Time SPOG Champion.

Events Points
Woodward 4 43
Strain 4 41
White 3 27
Slakov 3 21
Ballantyne 4 19
Allan 2 19

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