Buy & Sell

Want to buy or sell a Laser or Lightning? Maybe you have some extra sails or bits to get rid of? Please contact the Commodore for Life to post stuff here.

  1. DONATED TO SHELTER – one mens M light blue Izod sweater, left at July 13 dinner at CFL’s house after Moby’s Marathon.
  2. FOR SALE – Laser – old hull, spars and wooden foils for sale, with some blocks and old sail. Contact CFL at
  3. POSSIBLY FOR SALE – If you are looking to buy a boat for SPOG, you might want to contact Ian Tacy, Judy Day, or David Dale-Johnston.
  4. POSSIBLY SOLD – John Walker has moved on to Lightnings and seems to have struck a deal with Steve Kinsey.
  5. NEED BITS? – All kinds of small things are available at the Long Harbour Laser Repair Centre. Contact