Round the Isles Opener

Round the Isles Opener 2020

Date: Saturday, June 13, 2020

Time: Noon-ish (after the 11:40 ferry leaves)

Courses: Around some combination of Fisherman’s Island (shoes may be required), Surge Rock (local knowledge required), Clamshell Islet, and possibly Candlestick Islet (lots of local knowledge required); and maybe Horda Shoal for Lightnings.

Other Stuff: There may be more than 1 race. The points for the first, longer race will be double the finish placing, but with only the usual Old Guys adjustment. Other races will be short snappers with a beer break around 2:00 for ferry arrival. More races until everyone is tired or the 3:30 ferry leaves

There will likely be beers on Friday afternoon and a Friday do-your-own dinner. There will be a pot luck dinner on Saturday night. BYOB, something to BBQ and something to share.