2023 Moby’s Marathon

The 2023 Moby’s Marathon was be sailed on July 15, 2023. We were extremely happy that  the weather cooperated wonderfully and that Dale to put his order for ample supplies of Guinness.

Hart Buck Makes it 2 in a Row2023

It was the usual Moby’s Marathon – the premier long distance race of the SPOG season. Light winds at the start lead to a long, light 1.5 hr downwind run into Ganges Harbour with Moby’s Pub beckoning. After the great staff at Moby’s served libations and burgers, the fleet was ready to re-launch for the long upwind slog into a building SE wind to get back home.

Hart is accustomed to being at the lead, but he had all he could handle from new SPOGger Marcia MacDonald. On Leg 1, Marcia (a 3 time Olympian) was actually leading, but failed to notice the secret location the Committee Boat. Sadly, Marcia does not have a taste for Guinness leaving the lead solidly to Hart. With a belly full of burger and beer, Hart then lead the long slog back home to claim his first Mother’s Flower Bowl Trophy.

With alike tastes for Guinness and age points, Greg Slakov and Steve White battled for runner up. And the fleet welcomed Russ Booth (who fully understood the import of Guiness) and Matt Hensley.

Many thanks to Bill and Jean Cote for navigating the rescue boat and keeping things in order as Race Committee.


Sail No. Name Leg 1 Rule 15.4 Rule 15.3 Leg 2 Total
1 214xxx Buck 1 -2 -1 1 -2
2 8716 White 3 -2 -2 2 1
3 61 Slakov 2 -1 -2 3 2
4 SPOG 1 Ballantyne 6 -3 -2 5 6
5 1 MacDonald 4 0 4 8
6 7 Booth 7 -4 6 9
7 95693 Henley 5 -2 -1 7 9
How many Guinness’ did you have today?