2020 Moby’s

Moby’s Marathon is the SPOG Long Distance Championship. This is a two leg race, both sailed on the same day. Leg 1 goes from Scott Point to Moby’s Pub in Ganges, where the fleet stops for beer and burgers. Leg 2 returns home. Extra points are awarded for  love of Guinness. Competition is for Mother’s Flower Bowl (my Mom really did keep flowers in it).

Chris Sanderson (wins?) the 2020 Mobys-Marathon-Covid19-Compliant-Cruise

While the official 2020 Race was another victim of Covid19. A couple of local SPOGgers within a very small social bubble took a pleasure sail to the much-reduced-capacity Mobys as a test for a possible SPOG event later in summer.

And what a great day for a sailing cruise to Moby’s and back it was. Sunshine, beer, burgers, happy SPOGgers are a great recipe for success. The only cloud in the sky was the lack of social celebrations or ability to have all SPOGgers attend.

In a new twist for SPOG in Covid19 times, the start of each race was lead by the CFL in a rabbit start – the first start being an even more unusual downwind rabbit start. In a puffy, shifty westerly, both races featured (almost) single tack reaches in all directions – who thought that was possible, even with two 180 degree wind changes? And who says reaches are boring parades – arms are hurting on Sunday morning from all of the pulling on the sheets to adjust for 60 degree bursts of wind shift.

As usual, Dale and his staff at Moby’s were great and the burgers and beer a welcome reward for having arrived. And thanks to Kate Ballantyne for taking times and checking to see if Tim Slaney had not suffered some terrible malady (other than sailing into a semi-permanent wind hole) at the back of the fleet.

While this was a not-a-race race, there were results based on the fiction that Lasers and Lightnings can sail against each other using a system called the Portsmouth Yardstick. It certainly yielded some interesting results. Under the usual fleet scoring system, the CFL would have come in 2nd and under this system the CFL was 5th. Despite giving himself great starts for both legs, he clearly does not know what he is doing.

Speaking of not knowing what he is doing, it was pointed out that he cannot count and there was a mistake in the preliminary results. Final results are below and there is a change of order. One second of corrected time separated Chris Sanderson on 808 from Bill  Cote and crew on Azzuro on the inbound leg and a proper reading of time order reveals that Chris is winner (if that is the correct term) of the Moby’s-Marathon-Covid19-Compliant-Cruise.

2020 Moby’s Results

Congratulations all around for sharing such a great day.

Next up is a possible reschedule of the Round the Isles Race for the August long weekend. Stay tuned.