2019 Moby’s

Moby’s Marathon is the SPOG Long Distance Championship. This is a two leg race, both sailed on the same day. Leg 1 goes from Scott Point to Moby’s Pub in Ganges, where the fleet stops for beer and burgers. Leg 2 returns home. Extra points are awarded for  love of Guinness. Competition is for Mother’s Flower Bowl (my Mom really did keep flowers in it).

Greg Slakov Wins Moby’s Marathon for Lasers. Bill Cote Takes the Lightning Class. Bob DeRoos first in the Herring Buss Class.

2019 Mobys Results – revised

Sailing to the pub for a pint of Guinness before returning home – what a perfect recipe for a Race. Add enough wind to make it around the course and plenty of sunshine – and you have a classic SPOG kind of day. Thank you to Race Committee lead by Ian Tacy and ably assisted by Gordon Houston, Judy Bergalt and Dave. And a special thank you to Kim Ballantyne, Catherine Palmer and Nancy Farron for putting on the dinner featuring fabulous pizza from Rod and Stacey’s Mystic Pizza.

In the Laser fleet, the wind grew from nothing to something and got the fleet out of Long Harbour and on toward the pub. There was a mysterious breeze that hugged the Old Scott Road shoreline and it clearly paid as the lead boats pulled well ahead and were saluted by a horn from Poulstons’ construction project. The dock at Moby’s had mysteriously disappeared so the lasers had to be dragged up the beach at intermission. When it came to relaunch, the wind had freshened causing some interesting moments. And so began the long beat home to the dismay of tired things and belly muscles. This time the shoreline was not the only way to go and boats that used Ganges Harbour freely mingled with those that re-used the Old Scott shoreline.

The Lightnings could not beach at Moby’s and opted instead for 2 local races and a van ride to the pub and back. Race 1 was around Welbury Spar and back to the finish line.  The race committee had wisely stayed at the pub and so Azzurro was pressed into service as the rabbit start boat for Race 2.  This was the last tune up before the August 3 and 4 Scott Point Invitational so lots of work was done on gear and rig settings and the recruitment for Lighnings was in full force with guests Richard, Howard and Wolf asking  “where can I get one of these”.

Bucky DeRoos and Nicky Arnoldus both showed up with an International 12 Foot Dinghy (affectionately re-named Dutch Herring Buss) and decided to join the Lightning start and enjoyed very close racing in these antique (designed in 1912) boats.

On the strength of love of Guinness and rule 15.4, Greg Slakov 1st and 2nd overcame Hart Buck’s 2nd and 1st to win the Lasers. By same strength in the Lightning Class, Bill Cote’s Azzurro put up a 2nd and 1st to overcome John Walker’s Fiddlers Green 1st and 2nd. Bucky De Roos in Boot Een had two wins by razor-thin margins to take the two boat Herring Buss fleet over Nicky Arnoldus.