2024 Marathon


The 2024 Marathon on July 13 was a gorgeous sunny day and featured a change of venue as marina management has made going t0 Moby’s difficult. The staff at Shipstones was very appreciative of SPOG business and did great serving up burgers and Guinness.

Four intrepid sailors made the start, dealt with fickle winds, and navigated the snakes and ladders present on both legs. There were two long slogs to the pub and back and several big changes in wind direction and velocity. At some point, every boat managed to lead, and then fall far behind – again and again. But Matt Henly did the best job of keeping his focus and managed to lead to the finish on both legs.

Race 1 Race 2   Guinness    Age    TOTAL

Matt Henley                1              1              -2           – 2         -2
Chris Sanderson        2              4              -1            -4.          1
Tim Slaney                  4              2               0           -4           2
Steve White                 3              3             -2            -2          2