2018 Moby’s

Moby’s Marathon is the SPOG Long Distance Championship. This is a two leg race, both sailed on the same day. Leg 1 goes from Scott Point to Moby’s Pub in Ganges, where the fleet stops for beer and burgers. Leg 2 returns home. Extra points are awarded for conspicuous consumption of Guinness. Competition is for Mother’s Flower Bowl. My Mom really did keep flowers in it

Brian Woodward Wins Moby’s Marathon. Bill Cote Takes the Lightning Division

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Sailing to the pub for a pint of Guinness before returning home – what a perfect recipe for a Race.

In the Laser fleet, Brian Woodward had two 2nds and overcame an age point disadvantage to win over Don Martin in a 1 point squeaker. Tom Bradbrooke actually won both races, but as an Old Guy in Training, he carried a big handicap into each race – but he turns 50 this fall – not boding well for the rest of the fleet.

Bill Cote on Revenuer looked around for competition, but finding none sent Bob Matthews to the foredeck to see what disaster might unfold. None did and Bill claims another Lantern Trophy win.