Technical Stuff

Need Your Boat Fixed?

Long Harbour Laser Repair specializes in repairs to old boats to make them somewhat seaworthy. No job to small, but lots of jobs too large. No guarantees, but we will keep trying.

Living up to the principle of Old Guys in Old Boats, LHLR is operated by an old guy with no skill and little experience in making old boats new! But shop rates are based on the level of expertise – work is cheap.

LHLR also has bits of rope, a few blocks and other spare bits for lasers, so check with the Commodore to see what he has in stock?

Need Laser Parts or a new Sail?


Need Some Technical Advice?

1-Old Rivets Are Suspect

2-Sheets and Control Lines

Want to Go Faster?

Get pro tips from Isabella Bertolt our local Radial champion. Isabella Can Help