Past Winners

All Hail the Winners of Past SPOG Events




Round the Isles: Ballantyne on the Rocks Perpetual Trophy

Moby’s Marathon: Mother’s Flower Bowl

Long Harbour Classic: Mrs. Kerr Trophy for Best Canadian Bred Boston

Doug Baxter Closer: Doug’s Whiskey Water Jug

Lightning Events – The Rusty Lantern

The Locals Championship: The Spittoon

Round the Isles Mobys Marathon Long Harbour Classic Doug Baxter Closer Season Champ
2009 Hart Buck
2010 Hart Buck
2011 Hart Buck
2012 Hart Buck Paul Sturdy
2013 Greg Slakov Jim Allan Doug Bell John Walker
2014 Judy Day Hart Buck Allan Strain Allan Strain Paul Sturdy
2015 Don Martin Hart Buck Thom Stubbs Hart Buck Hart Buck
2016 Brian Woodward Judy Day Hart Buck Greg Slakov Brian Woodward
2017 Tim Slaney DonMartin/Brian Woodward Greg Slakov Don Martin Brian Woodward
2017 Lightning Revenuer-Cote Revenuer-Cote Revenuer-Cote Revenuer-Cote Revenuer-Cote
2018 Allan Strain Brian Woodward Hart Buck Brian Woodward Brian Woodward
2018 Lightning Revenuer-Cote Revenuer-Cote Revenuer – Cote Revenuer – Cote
2019 Don Martin Greg Slakov Thom Stubbs Don Martin S.White, B.Woodward
2019 Lightning Kay D – M Herbert Azzuri – B. Cote Azure – B.Cote Revenuer – G.May
2021 Greg Slakov Hart Buck Don Martin Don Martin S.White
2021 Lightning B. Cote-Azzuri B. Cote-Azzuri