2017 Round the Isles

The Round the Isles is the early season (June is early for the Old Guys) Opener race that explores the islands, rocks and waters of Long Harbour. It is not unusual to have to portage over some of the drier bits and maybe even do some crabbing along the way. The winner claims the┬áBallantyne on the Rocks Perpetual Trophy. You need to hear the story about Jim Ballantyne’s unfortunate navigation error at Dodds Narrows.┬áJim Ballantyne (1929-2014) was the Commodore’s father, a legend of Scott Point, and the inspiration behind this make-shift club.

Tim Slaney Wins the 2017 Opener

The opening event of the 2017 season sailed on Saturday, June 17, 2017. The fleet was a little smaller fleet than usual due to SPOGgers competing in the VanIsle 360 and the Alexandra Cup. But the shortened fleet survived the unexpectedly stronger southeasterly with a minimum of capsizes and a maximum of sore backs from the hiking. That is, except for the the Lightning Division who seemed to cruise around Long Harbour unaffected by the need to hike.

Race 1 was a bit on the longish side with long run to, and beat back from Surge Rock (actually the mark was Eagle Mar as it appeared that Surge Rock had sunk). It started as a parade with Tim Slaney and Steve White battling out front, while Allan Strain and the Commodore trailed after seeming to be surprised by the fact the race had started. But a fortuitous wind change on the last beat turned the spread out fleet into a photo finish.

The Lightning fleet used the first race to figure out which rope was which. And to recover from the shock of nearly cutting Allan and the Race Committee in half. They sailed the race mixed up the lasers and trading barbs about who was having more fun.

After the necessary beer and Advil, the second race was a shorter Figure 8 course around Fishermans and Clamshell Islets. Bill Cote brought in expertise in the form of John Walker who recalled sailing a Lightning about 35 years ago and used their waterline advantage to lead the lasers around the whole course. Steve and Commodore battled at the front, with Tim and Allan making sure any mistakes were quickly punished. With many groans, it was clear that 2 races were enough.

With his 1st in the 1.5 hour first race (with double points), Tim Slaney outpointed the competition to win the event and the Ballantyne on the Rocks Perpetual Trophy. Bill Cote’s Revenuer (why don’t the lasers have names?) won the tightly contested Lighting Division and was the inaugural winner of the Lantern Trophy.

Rank Sail No. Name R1 R2 Rule 15.2 Finish
1 Bill Cote 2 1 ? 3
1 9P Tim Slaney 2 4 -2 4
2 8426 Steve White 6 1 -2 5
3 121218 Rich Ballantyne 4 2 6
4 242 Allan Strain 8 3 -2 9
5 104080 Ian Tacy DNC DNC -4 12
6 95183 John Walker DNS DNS -2 14
6 0-0 Keith Oliver DNC DNC -2 14