2017 Moby’s

Moby’s Marathon is the SPOG Long Distance Championship. This is a two leg race, both sailed on the same day. Leg 1 goes from Scott Point to Moby’s Pub in Ganges, where the fleet stops for beer and burgers. Leg 2 returns home. Extra points are awarded for conspicuous consumption of Guinness. Competition is for Mother’s Flower Bowl. My Mom really did keep flowers in it

Don Martin Wins 2016 Moby’s Marathon. Bill Cote Takes the Lightning Division

Sailing to the pub for a pint of Guinness before returning home – what a perfect recipe for a Race.

The annual long distance race to the Pub and back sailed on Saturday, July 15.

In the Laser fleet, Don Martin took a flyer in the second leg to win and overcome a 6th place in the first leg to win Mothers’s Flower Bowl. Bill Cote on Revenuer took advantage of a zephyr at the finish of race 1 to split the two legs with John Walker’s Caprice, but used the extra beer rule to claim the Lantern Trophy.

Conditions were perfect hot and sunny and steady SE 10 at the start of Leg 1 to the pub. While in the pub, conditions lightened significantly and Leg 2 was a soul tester as the dying southeaster competed with a westerly for dominance with the fleet caught in the middle.

The first leg saw Steve Kinsey and Greg Slakov jump to a lead which held up through major roly-poly off Welbury Shoal. But it all ended at the end of Ganges Harbour and 250 meters from the finish which essentially all boats coming together for a re-start. Brian Woodward found the first zephyrs to lead to the finish. In the lighter, shifty conditions on the second leg, Don Martin and Greg Slakov took a flyer to the main harbour with the rest going the usual, shorter route. The flyer paid off, but again wind died near the end as boats rounded Scott Point for the home stretch. Greg and Don held on, but crafty Brian Woodward closed the considerable gap and almost pulled off another stunning “come from behind” win.

It was not the Lightning’s day as most of the Lasers left them behind. In race 1, Caprice had a considerable lead, but Bill Cote’s Revenuer followed Brian Woodward’s example and took advantage of the re-start to pip Caprice at the line. In race 2, John Walker made no mistake and lead from start to finish. But John forgot about the beer rule and let Bill sneak in one extra (minus a controversial sip by Don Martin) to secure the win.


Sail No. Name Leg 1 Rule 15.3 Rule 15.4 Leg 2 Rule 15.3 Total
1 8 Martin 5 -1 -2 1 -2 1
2 456 Woodward 1 -1 -1 3 -1 1
3 1 Slakov 3 -2 2 3
4 SPOG 1 Ballantyne 4 -3 4 5
5 43 Kinsey 2 -2 6 6
6 8716 White 6 -1 -1 5 -1 8
7 7162 Phillips 7 -1 7 13
8 3603 Day DNS -1 -1 DNS -1 15
1 Revenuer Cote 1 -3 -1 2 -1 -2
2 Caprice Walker 2 -2 -1 1 -1 -1