2021 Scott Point Invitational

The Scott Point Lightning Invitational returned in 2021 after taking a Covid break in 2020. Menno Bos outsailed his fellow competition from Kits YC and the local SPOGgers to win the 4 race series over 2 days.

Sail No. Name Boatname R1 R2 R3 R4 Finish
1 14600 Menno Bos 3 One 1 2 2 1 6
2 14453 Ran Vered O3 Zone 3 1 1 4 9
3 13949 Claire Rawlinson Tempest 2 3 3 6 14
4 13860 Bill Cote Azzuri 5 4 5 2 16
5 11645 Gordie May Revenuer 4 5 4 3 16
6 14040 Theo Arsenault Roaring 40s 6 6 DNF 5 25

The second Invitational Lightning regatta at Scott Point was conducted in challenging wind conditions – many directions and limited velocity.  Fortunately for all the race committee was led by, and largely comprised of, Rich Ballantyne.  He used all the wind available and in the last shortened course race had the wind shut down at the finish line – he may have had some spiritual help!

The regatta was attended by 6 boats, three local and three from Kits YC club (well represented by sailors who were also members of RVYC!).  Two US vessels based in Oregon were late cancellations due to the border and Covid.

There were 4 races and the out of towners certainly “schooled the locals” so much for local knowledge over coming skill!  It was a very social event – launching party on Friday, Saturday was scheduled for a dinner in town which proved to be most difficult, but everyone seemed to enjoy that local experience albeit in smaller groups.  There was a prize presentation on the dock which continued with share nibbles into the 5 o’clock cocktail gathering instigated by Charles Holder and Stephen Smolar.  The social was quite well attended including by new members.  A number of the “stink potter” even commented on enjoying watching the racing.  Rich had at least one leg of each course run.   The social event was very inclusive and a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow members.

Long Harbour is a wonderful site for regattas that can tolerate a “lake sailing environment” – many wind direction changes so quick tacking boats are advantaged!

Regatta chair,  Bill Cote, is to be congratulated for organizing this very enjoyable event despite the Covid restrictions and I know all the sailors stated they would be back for next year.  Jean Cote captured the boats in some wonderful sailing photos, and they were the prizes. – by Bob Matthews

Scott Point Invitational Sailing Instructions

For more details, contact Bill Cote at soleilsansfinataol.com or (250) 210-1716